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I've met many wonderful people in the course of creating this business.

Some are people who've supported my personal evolution. Others are simply doing amazing work in the world.
This page is where I recognise their contribution and tell you about what they're doing.



Hydrogen is a super antioxidant and is beneficial to nearly every facet of human physiology at the cellular level.  Hydrogen is qualified to cross the blood-brain barrier and can reach the mitochondria inside cells directly and neutralise the formation of damaging free radicals. Each drink of hydrogen water will flush your body with trillions of hydrogen molecules.


Clearing & Personal Transformation Practitioners

Belinda Noakes helps people find the courage to recognise and finish with repetitive karmic patterns. Belinda is a powerful personal transformation practitioner, combining karmic clearing with George's own closure framework based in Universal Lore.


Cleaning Wings are a gifted team of practitioners offering unique and extremely effective energy and entity cleaning services via reconnection with your Higher Self. They currently offer Personal Cleanings, House Cleanings and Mentoring.


Alternative Media & Wisdom Sharers

EMF Warriors is a global movement of concerned citizens providing solutions to harmful EMFs that are wreaking havoc on the health and well-being of our families and our planet. We offer a free library of around 2000 pieces of content curated into 30 play lists, regular blogs, a fortnightly newsletter to keep you up to date and a regular podcast where we interview EMF experts and hold Q&A sessions.


Patricia Farrington is the host of INNERStellar Cosmic Conversations - an internet radio show featuring conversations from the heart where we share our experiences and wisdom. Helping Hu-Manity Remember Who They Are: Infinite Universal Creators.